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Do we have a directory of rivescript brain?


Is there a standard rivescript brain that I can use as a scaffold for my projects? do we have a directory of available open source (preferably MIT) rivescript brains?

The site has a list of interpreters implementation in a variety of languages, but I am not able to find any “standard” brain.

Thank you,


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Most RiveScript users will heavily modify a standard AIML-based brain to better fit their needs or desired bot “personality”.

Once you have an established interpreter the rest is basically you creating various responses for your bot to handle inquiries or questions/comments by future users.

There is no “One size fits all” as that would make for some boring interactions.

Noah does have a few examples to get one started:


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So can I assiume finding an AIML set and convert them to RiveScript is a common and valid approach?


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You are certainly free to try any approach you wish. RiveScript is interesting in that one can write their own script files in the form of replies or responses that the bot will use in order to answer a question or to properly handle a statement.

All of the files are saved into the main directory/folder and the bot will use the information contained in them as needed or from the ones that best apply to a given inquiry.

Once one tries creating a few of these Topic files, it soon becomes quite easy to do then one can proceed to edit any AIML files that might be appropriate or useful as needed.

Practically any character or personality can easily be created with RiveScript. Editing is easily done with a Text Editor of one’s choice. Debugging though not always easy to trace to the offending line is usually pretty straightforward with regard to the Topic file wherein the error might lie.

It will take you a fair amount of time to edit each topic group of an AIML file to make it fit your RiveScript character/personality as you’ll have to remove unwanted and unnecessary elements, symbols and wording. Again, the more you do it, the easier it will become.

Don’t think of it as a chore but rather as enjoyment in creating your unique character with responses and phrases that fit its personality. Make it your own bot character.


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