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Pattern containing JSON data not matching

Hi All,

Have you had any success using a JSON object as part of your matching pattern? I’m trying to check if a user has clicked a button (the text is stored in a JSON object), but I keep matching the first option, I believe it’s because the JSON construct is returning a blank in a pattern matching context.

I’ve tried using:
a: ($jsonobject.text[0])
a: (^eval($jsonobject.text[0]))
a: (^jsonpath(0 $jsonobject.text))

all with the same effect (anything will match them).

Any hints what to try next?


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Not sure of the full rule context, since you are showing rejoinders. But first thing to try is to put the json text onto a simple variable and then pattern matching on the variable. THen you can more easily use :trace to see the values involved.
One question is what is the text—is it a simple word or is it a series of words.


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u: ($var)  as a test checks ONLY to see if the variable has a value
u: ($var?) checks to see if the content is in the sentence


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