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Real-time input and chatbot

Hi guys!
It`s my first post here and I am glad to find this forum!
I am working with IoT (NodeMCU) and many projects involving IoT and chatbots are of the kind ‘control your home lights with chatbot’...Well, I do not want to control anything at all, but I would like to have a conversational interface which uses real-time data from my input sensors. A conversational platform who change its response accordingly with the data provided (temperature, or UV for example).
Do someone here can help informing me some good sources for reading?
I want to thank you very much in advance!


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Definitely do’able. The way we did something similar was to have the chatbot (we used Chatscript, but approach would work for others) regularly poll the sensor over a web services interface to get the value, store that value, and then use that as a context value to change the output across a range of rules, or even the processing sequence in the control script, e.g. for the first

u: ($temp>30 how are you) Very angry!
u: ($temp<0 how are you) Pretty chilled!
u: (how are you) Bored

We in fact used this in conjunction with a Galvanic Skin Response sensor so that the bot could pick up how stressed you are and then moderate its responses accordingly.

A better solution would probably be to have the sensor push data to the bot through a web socket or other API that the bot can read on an internal call.

Hope that helps



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Hey David, thanks a lot man!

You do not know how crazy I was expecting to hear that. Really made my Friday!

First I was thinking about implement it using Microsoft Bot Framework, since I also need to make my prototype understandable for Chinese users. But after your response, I am already searching more about ChatScript and discovered that there is some way to integrate it with Chinese.

I will find a good tutorial to have fun during the weekend and, if possible, update my progress here.

Thank you again, it was a big help an incentive. Have a nice day!



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Glad to be of service grin



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