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chatbotfriends back with a difference and looking for help

Well is back with a difference it has a business set up and a link to the directory. The directory is hosted on a another server. The directory (undergoing a redesign but still functional) also has a url and it is The business end i am looking for people willing to be paid on a commission only that want to join up. So ideality you should have another source of income as I am just starting out and it takes a while to get a business going and established. You need to have experience creating websites and or developing or training chatbots/virtual assistants. I wanted to try to make this a business that people like could get some extra income. People who have time on their hands and are looking for a way to possibly earn some extra cash.


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Hi, Sheryl!

Under different circumstances, this would be an ideal opportunity for both of us, but considering my health issues, and the unpredictable nature of my condition during chemotherapy, I’m going to have to do nothing more than wish you the very best of success with your venture. Should my situation improve in the future, I’ll definitely want to discuss getting involved, but for now I simply can’t.


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