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Bot In a Day Tampa

In today’s market, companies are racing to find the next channel to reach customers. Bots offer a new and exciting way to interact with consumers, brands, or services in order to streamline existing processes. The Microsoft Bot Framework is a comprehensive offering that enables you to quickly build, deploy and manage high quality bots over a myriad of different channels such as Facebook Messenger, SMS, Slack, and many more.

Join us to participate in this exclusive one-day Bot training at the Microsoft Offices in Tampa!

During this workshop attendees will:

Explore and learn the various types of Bots currently available.
Experience various types of existing Bots that have been built using the Microsoft Bot Framework.
Walk through the basics of planning, building and deploying a Bot experience.
Learn about advanced scenarios such as back-end system integration, bot intelligence, bot commerce and others.
In order to successfully complete the Bot Workshop exercises, participants should have the following available:

Azure Subscription with the ability to provision a Cognitive Service (Trial subscriptions are supported
Laptop computer with Visual Studio 2017 installed (Community Edition is supported)
Don’t miss this opportunity to learn and grow with Tallan!


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