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Chatscript and robotic controls (dynamixel servos)


Noob question: How can I use Chatscript to send serial commands to an Arduino-like board to control a robot’s servo motors and movements? Or is it possible to execute python scripts?

For instance, my chatbot will use TTS (Text to Speech) and so when the response is sent and while the phrase is being spoken I’d also like for the robot to move. Movements would be pre-prgrammed sequences. The servos I’d like to use are made by Trossen Robotics, DynamixelMX which use a TLL Serial connection to The Artbotix-M board (which is fundamentally very similar to an Arduino board:

Or Alternately has anyone use ROS (Robot Operating System) in conjunction with Chatscript? How are people coordinating between chatscript and robot movements?




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send message to CS, it sends back response which you can pick a python script from to run.
CS can send back two channels of response to the input- something to say to user and out-of-bands message to the application/robot


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