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Editing the brain

hi, I’m new to Rivescript and just started editing the brain. I’m using Rivescript-js and calling the online url. 
Everything was working great but then today, I just added for fun a new line,

+ what is for dinner
- hamburgers

I then saved and reloaded the html that GUIs it. Everything in the brain rive worked except the above new addition.
I then stopped and restarted Tomcat and still it did not recognize the food topic lines above.

Maybe the bot does not like food?

Please help! What am I missing?


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Never mind - I got it working. It must be that I was using notepad.  I switched to Notepad++ and it is working now.
or else now the bot is hungry


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Did you find the root cause? I think line endings should be pretty tolerant so I wonder if your app was caching it or something.


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hi Noah,
Yes I think it was probably the cache, because since I sent this inquiry, similar things have happened and I usually have to either reload the page and/or stop and start Tomcat.  It doesn’t happen everytime I make a change.  I think I’m on the right track and now it’s a matter of learning Rivescript better so I can make an original chatbot without always looking up how to.  Ultimately my goal is to connect user’s responses to a database so I can the chatbot can learn how to be different with different users.
Thanks for your help… am having a lot of fun with this language!


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