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TreeTagger and predefined GERMAN Bot

I’m new to ChatScript and tried to get the predefined Chatbot GERMAN running. Therefore, I installed TreeTagger and downloaded the corresponding .par files. As far as I understand it TreeTagger is called by

^popen("tag-german chat.txt" '^myfunc) 

, however a lemma is not returned.
For the German chatbot, which I am intending to create, I want to avoid having to write all inflection forms into a pattern.
Does anyone have a similar problem with the integration of TreeTagger?
Does only the commercial version work at the moment?
Are there any working alternatives for lemmatization?
I would be grateful for any help!


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Hello Georg,

I am working on a German Chatbot with ChatScript.

The noncommercial integration of TreeTagger works via command line interface.
With the command: ^popen(“tag-german chat.txt” ‘^myfunc) # invoke local copy of TreeTagger german
you try to invoke the executable “tag-german”.
This must be installed somewhere. And this location must be within your PATH variable.
On Windows Systems assumed that you installed TreeTagger at: C:\TreeTagger
you will find tag-german.bat in the “bin” directory. so add “C:\TreeTagger\bin\” to your path and this should work fine.

I got for the input: wie warst Du als Kind Kinder Kindes Kindern? (just to show some lemmata of Kind) the
Canonical Input: wie sein du als Kind Kind Kind Kind thanks to TreeTagger German.


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