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Unknown word

When trying to enter a user name (‘my name is Carlos’), Chatscript returns “unknown-word” instead (‘your name is unknown-word’) . Code below works fine for names that are common. Only Basic & English dicts used for build using default “harry” files.

# test topic for getting and or returning user name

TOPIC: ~name repeat keep ()
#!what is your name?
tTell me nowwhat is your name?
a: ( My name is _*1 _*>)
$firstname _0
  So formal
Nice to meet you $firstname $lastname.
a: ( My name is _*>)
$firstname _0
  First name basis
Nice to meet you $firstname.
a: ( _*>)
$firstname _0
  First name basis
So nice to meet you $firstname.
u: ( what [my] name)
do not yet know your name!

u: ( what is my name ($firstname) )
One matchYour name is $firstname.

u: ( what is my name ($firstname && $lastname)) 
Two matchesYour name is $firstname $lastname

debug from :prepare carlos

‘...Original User Input: carlos Tokenized into: Carlos Actual used input: carlos Xref: 1:carlos 1:carlos badparse Tagged POS 1 words: carlos/unknown-word…’

so it seems that the POS tagging is returning the ‘unknown-word’.  Is they an easy way to catch/fix this type of parsing error?



  [ # 1 ]

You should be displaying ‘_0 and not _0. You want the original word, not the canonical


  [ # 2 ]

That makes perfect sense- Thanks Bruce!


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