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Client access to EC2 Server - Not communicating
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if one of you will edit and submit pull request appropriate, I will swallow it.


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Oops, forgot to take the@ when I was debugging.  Good spot Planet. Will remove the @ and do a PR.


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That would be a good episode of CS I !


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Robby Garner - Jan 22, 2019:


That would be a good episode of CS I !



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OK, the pull request is in. Planet, Dave, feel free to code review it for typos or anything I missed. With the isset/without the $_SERVER[‘X_FORWARDED_FOR’] and the $ret declaration I think it all works fine.

I took out the $_SERVER[‘X_FORWARDED_FOR’] and left $_SERVER[‘REMOTE_ADDR’] on its own for improved security, given people using the boiler plate may not be savvy enough to judge the risks, and probably don’t care, particularly in boiler plate, to handle proxies. But I left it as an option (corrected with the missing isset) in commented format, with a very brief line about its uses and security risks.

Open to any suggestions or improvements.


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Ismael, given my current health status and condition (I’m fighting pancreatic cancer), I really don’t have much energy to spare for doing much more than monitoring the forums here and making the occasional post. That said, my prognosis is good, and within the next month or so, things may well change for the better. I’ll keep the community posted when key factors change. smile


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if you’re still having issues, I created a sample server for you I made an image copy of it. I was able to follow all the steps and get it to run with no issues. If you go to AWS can you create a new server and you apply the image that’s attached it should it should just work. If you have trouble with security send me a private message and I’ll send you the security group settings.  It has crontab and www running and it will fire up when you create it.

Image Attachments

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image did not post.

ChatScript_Server_2019.01.28 - ami-0013b7db5b7c42d76
Running Linux Server version of ChatScript, with all features enabled.
Root device type: ebs Virtualization type: hvm ENA Enabled: Yes

Once it is running, submit this to autostart your webservices
sudo chkconfig httpd on


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That’s very kind Mike. I did solve or identify the issue. There were a couple of errors in the PHP boiler plate that I fixed (saw the PR was merged into the CS repo - thanks Bruce). There was also the fact that the hosted domain I was trying to connect from blocks custom ports, so no matter what I did on EC2 it wouldn’t have worked.

However what you have done is a useful resource and worth putting on github somewhere. It makes me think it would be a worthwhile task to create a central resource on GitHub with a directory of ChatScript resources and repos. There is some useful stuff out there but you have to dig around for it.


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