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Program-y 3.5 Release

There have been a few recent releases of Program, but 3.4 and now 3.5 are the ones I am especially excited about. As well as support for the full AIML 2.1 including all Rich Media tags,  it ships with a huge range of clients to connect your AIML bot to.

The full list being

> Amazo Alexa
> Cisco Spark (via Google DialogFlow)
> Text Console
> DialogFlow Phone Gateway
> Embeddable
> Facebook
> Google DialogFlow
> Kik
> Microsoft Cortana (via Google DialogFlow)
> Slack
> TCP Socket
> Skype (via Google DialogFlow)
> Telegram
> Twilio IP (via Google DialogFlow)
> Twilio SMS
> Twitter
> Viber
> Web Client

By integrating with DialogFlow, you can leverage their extension client additions, or use the custom-built libraries provided by Program-y.

With this list, you can use Alexa, DialogFlow and Cortana to build your specialist skills, but then use a Program-Y AIML implementation to add personality, and general knowledge to your bot.



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