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External Pos-tagging on non-Windows system

Hey all,

has someone managed to use an external pos-tagger on a system that is NOT windows? Right now i try to implement a german version of treetagger. On a windows-system everything works perfectly fine with the German bot.
But i have to work with Linux/Mac so i have to change the simpletopic ~xPOSTAGSENTENCE, because the “tag-german” script is not existing on a Linux/Installation of treetagger.

I tried changing it to “tree-tagger-german” as it does basically the same as “tag-german”. But then i get the following output:

LAURA:  Hey!
plpl: > :prepare hilft

Original User Input
Tokenized into
Actual used input

        reading parameters 
tagging ...
entering null word to dictionary in sentence

1hilft (raw):
1hilft (canonical):  //


The canonical in the example should be “helfen”. Again, this works on windows and it works on Linux/Mac too, if i call “tree-tagger-german chat.txt” in a terminal window. There seems to be a missing link between ChatScript and Treetagger.

So i don’t know what the “entering null word to dictionary in sentence” error means. I found the error in the dictionarySystem.cpp file, but can’t really figure it out.

WORDP StoreWord(charworduint64 properties)
if (!*word// servers dont want long lists of bugs from strange inputs //   we require something 
if (!serverReportBug((char*)"entering null word to dictionary in sentence")
StoreWord((char*)"emptystring"); //   we require something 



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