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Input parameter only first word Why?

I am using another language and I have a program that I run in DOS to get thePostTagger from what was entered by the user ... I am trying but only the first word is passed .. when a user-entered phrase arrives it is always the first word it is accepts
How do I convert the text into a string to stay
nlp.exe “input of user”

outputmacro: ^PosTagger(^arg)
  NLP %originalinput

outputmacro: ^Output(^arg)
  ^arg \n

  u: (~NOUN_PROPER_SINGULAR )  popen( ^PosTagger($originalinput) ‘^Output)

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Let me make sure I understand. 

^popen ( commandstring ‘function )  takes a string to execute on the os.
You have ^postagger($originalInput)  for which you pass an argument that is not used. You put stuff into the output buffer for the user BUT this is not the same thing as returning a string. Try this:

u: (~noun_proper_singular)
  $_msg = ^“NLP %originalInput”
  ^popen( $_msg ‘^output)


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