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Healthcare Mobile App Development

Among all other industries, healthcare is applying digital technologies and utilizing mobile devices for healthcare app development. What is more, healthcare mobile app development has lots of benefits.

It is not a surprise that in 2017 there were 325,000 healthcare apps with wide functionalities, from personal fitness trackers to programs to help maintain chronic health conditions. A lot of them developed from MVP (minimum viable product) healthcare app projects from personal fitness trackers to programs to help maintain chronic health conditions.

It’s unbelievable that about 3.7 billion apps were downloaded in 2017 offering mHealth services. It is expected that this number will grow by 16% within the next year and lead to commercial success by making a total of $26 billion worldwide. That fact that smartphones and smartwatches are used more often contributed to even greater growth in the mobile health consumer app market.

As a result, this is the right time for healthcare mobile app development.

It is interesting and exciting to make a healthcare mobile app, but at the same time, it is challenging and sophisticated. Healthcare app developers mustn’t forget that the key idea of successful healthcare mobile app development is its practical use. Therefore, it is important to understand what issues are experienced by doctors, nurses, patient, the target audience, and in what way the mobile healthcare app can solve this problem. And a truly advanced, user-friendly, highly technological health application will provide lots of benefits for patients and doctors.

Types of Healthcare Apps

There are two categories of healthcare apps - professional healthcare apps and healthcare apps for patients. The former ones are used for medical instruction, access to healthcare records and diagnoses, medical prescriptions, and all other internal matters. The latter ones are used by patients in clinics or personal healthcare apps.

Professional Healthcare Apps

- Medical reference & database apps
They help doctors with keeping all the information regarding diseases, drugs, and prescriptions in one place (e.g Medscape, Epocrates, VisualDX).

- Professional networking apps
They include social networks where healthcare providers and professionals can connect, interact, exchange knowledge, and grow professional community (e.g. DailyRounds, Figure 1, Among Doctors).

- Patient medical health tracking apps
Such apps help doctors monitor the health of their patients during the medical treatment process. Results from various labs, medical tests, all other medical documentation (e.g VitalHub Chart) can be found here.

- Doctor appointment & clinical assistance apps
These apps can help to reduce the handwritten work of keeping journals, clinics can use apps for appointments. Besides, all parties can be notified about changes in the calendar, which makes life much easier (e.g. Zocdoc).

- Telehealth mobile apps (doctor-on-demand apps)
It is a great solution for online doctor visits and consultations (e.g. KRY).

More details on other benefits of healthcare app development can be found here


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Well explained Information regarding healthcare app development.
SISGAIN did the same as you mention above.


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For Developing a Healthcare Mobile App you should keep certain factors in mind. The factors include the purpose of the app, whom it is built for the environment it will be operated.

The things healthcare mobile app developers should know are:

-Understand the target audience
-Interoperability with other systems
-Incorporating Components of API
-Unique UI/UX Requirements
-Data security & privacy concerns
-Healthcare Apps Need to be Simple and Scalable While Being Sustainable
-Diligent testing is critical
-Ease of access is critical
-Iterative development
-Minimizing the process is important
-Want to Develop a Healthcare Mobile App?

Check out more here to come up with a better app idea that changes the way patients and doctors engage with each other in the healthcare sector. We are a leading Mobile app development company in Mumbai which has developed many highly successful Healthcare apps with advanced features and functionalities.


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