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Chatscript, end user real time feedback ?

Cannot recall a way to do this.

You have someone talking with your avatar and they ‘like” the response of one volley and “do not like” the response of another volley.

Is there a way for someone to mark a previous avatar response in some manner and have it log to the server in the user directory?  If the front end has “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”, maybe this can send something to CS to mark the previous response in some manner.

Or some trick to mark a response good or bad, so we can find the feedback later when going through the logs?


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the function ^log could be used to store an arbitrary log entry in the user log file.


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We’ve done exactly that with several of our bots. Each bot reply has the up/down good/bad buttons on it which the user can click on. The Javascript then sends an out of band type string back to the bot with some identifying code which is then added to the log using ^log. Interestingly some users when testing (rather than using) the bot will wait til they get to the end of the whole conversation before going back to mark it up, whilst others do it volley by volley. It’s certainly a very useful feature.

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Ahhh, that makes sense and it works! Thank you !
so, this is what I did, near the top of this:

topic: ~control system ()
I added this:
u: ( SomeArcaneWordPOSITIVE ) ^log(FILE USERS/goodfeedback.log | START | ‘_0 %originalinput | end | )
u: ( SomeArcaneWordNEGATIVE ) ^log(FILE USERS/badfeedback.log | START | ‘_0 %originalinput | end | )

The front end (app) would send SomeArcaneWordPOSITIVE | user input | CS response | positive or negative
This would be written to one of two files…..

This could be imported into excel and sorted and all of that. 
Thank you, this works!

This is an important feature to help regulate the responses.


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