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Dockerizing my bot but I am a Linux noob

Although this post mentions docker, I believe my problem is related to my ignorance of Linux and not Docker….

I am dockerizing my multi-bot environment. I have success thanks to

I am starting from ubuntu:trusty like the instructions.

I am using the Git submodule mechanism to get CS from github rather than Docker. Lots of reasons for that. The end result is that I have CS on the harddrive in its own directory below the Dockerfile. I want to build the bot as a part of the docker build process. I figured I would just RUN chatscript with the build0= and build1= parameters.

My problem is: Unable to create TOPIC/BUILD0/patternWords0.txt? Make sure this directory exists and is writable.

Here is the relevant parts of the Dockerfile

#TODO: run the engine to build the bots to create the image
RUN chmod -R 777 /ChatScriptNLP/TOPIC
RUN chmod 
-R 777 /ChatScriptNLP/TMP
RUN chmod 
-R 777 /ChatScriptNLP/USERS
/ChatScriptNLP/BINARIES/LinuxChatScript64 build0=../../filesBcbsal0.txt
/ChatScriptNLP/BINARIES/LinuxChatScript64 build0=../../filesBcbsal1.txt 

Here is more information from the output of the docker build

Step 14/20 RUN chmod -R 777 /ChatScriptNLP/TOPIC
---> Running in 46ceeca8beaa
Removing intermediate container 46ceeca8beaa
---> 20b75e9a2508
Step 15
/20 RUN chmod -R 777 /ChatScriptNLP/TMP
---> Running in b8cc73f330bc
Removing intermediate container b8cc73f330bc
---> 0200eea431f8
Step 16
/20 RUN chmod -R 777 /ChatScriptNLP/USERS
---> Running in 866045bfae96
Removing intermediate container 866045bfae96
---> 396e444d3004
Step 17
/20 RUN /ChatScriptNLP/BINARIES/LinuxChatScript64 build0=../../filesBcbsal0.txt
---> Running in 7656d4084124
: /

evcalled pid5
running pid5
ChatScript EVSERVER Version 9.11 pid
5 64 bit LINUX compiled Feb 20 2019 16:11:13 host=local
Missing 37 word files
read 0 raw words
dict=411  fact=88  heap=865892

Unable to create TOPIC
/BUILD0/patternWords0.txtMake sure this directory exists and is writable.
The command '/bin/sh -c /ChatScriptNLP/BINARIES/LinuxChatScript64 build0=../../filesBcbsal0.txt' returned a non-zero code

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