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Looking for a live chatbot for our website that actually walks out and talks to browser.

I am looking for a chat Bot that actually walks out onto the screen and talks to the page browser. I have seen it before I just do not know who makes this. I welcome any input from the community. grin


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Here is a live chatbot that is a lot of fun:



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Thanks I will check it out. I saw one like 5 years ago was perfect for my application, but now I can not find it. Was a character that walked out on the screen and used a dialogue box.


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Sitepal ( may well have what you want. They have either their own AIML based chatbot engine or your can interface with any other web service based chatbot. We’ve used them for ages, just a very simple system to set up and use.



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There used to be one, many years ago that was featured at or behind a desk and she would talk about various subjects, although I’m not sure whether she would field individual questions from people.

The other one that comes to mind was also quite a while in our past. Not realistic by today’s standards but not bad to look at either.


Then there is this latest offering from China:

Qiu Hao and Xin Xiaomeng Can Talk Forever


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