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University Student Needs Your Help!


I’m a Student from Coventry University (UK) and I’m doing a Final Year Project on Improving Chatbots, in the recent months I have grown an eagerness to learn about the world of chatbots and I want to be part of the world.

I need your help as I’m conducting a questionnaire about peoples personal experience with chatbots in e-commerce, it only takes 2-5 minutes and more participants the more reliable my study becomes, can you please spare a moment of your time.

This is the link to the questionnaire -

yours sincerely,



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Hey Guys, can you please help a university student out with his final year dissertation, can you spare 2-5 minutes of your time to fill in this questionnaire about your experience with chatbots

Much Appreciated



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I have started to answer the survey, but after a few questions, I thought it was not for me and I stopped. I think that your questions is for users of chatbots. Here there is creators of chatbots, experts of IA, and some users, of course, but questions like “Did you know what a chatbot is prior to this questionnaire?” show that we are not the goods persons to answer.


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Fair enough, I understand your point and I know that you could potentially be biased within your answer, however the reason why I asked the question was to filter out any respondents that never used a chatbot ever or to those people who have used a chatbot before but didn’t know what it was called, therefore, I welcome anyone from the chatbot community to participate.

I will definitely reflect upon my questions, thank you Denis and I am more than happy to welcome more feedback from the community


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