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CS Memory Challenge question (favorites)

Here is a challenge I have been trying to solve.

Someone tells CS

“my favorite dog is a husky”  or
my favorite x   is y

how do you memorize this, so that when he asks later:
“what is my favorite x?”

CS can respond
“of course, I remember, your favorite x is a y”

This can apply to a lot of things.

Been thinking about how to solve this. Wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this pattern.


  [ # 1 ]

I have not checked for syntax and it is untested, but I think some variation of this would work.

#! My favorite ice cream is cherry vanilla
?: (!not -my * ~favorite _* is _* ) Ah, your favorite ‘_0 is ‘_1, is that true?
a: (~yes) Great! I will remember this for later. 
  $fact = ^createfact( _0 like _1)

b: (~no) Oh, I thought that is what you meant. What do you think of the weather?

?: (what * my * favorite _* ) ^query( direct_s _*) Yes. Of course, I remember, your favorite @1subject is @0object.

?: (what * my * favorite _* ) ^query( direct_svo _*) I think you are asking me if I know that your favorite @1subject is @0object. Well, that is what you told me.


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