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using bit flags in scripts

I am looking for an example of how to use the 64/32-bit flags that are returned from functions like:

I am sure this must be simple to do but I cannot find an example and I have tried things like:

$isNoun = ^properties( dog) & NOUN

$isNoun = ^properties( dog ) AND NOUN

$isNoun = ^properties( dog)
$isNoun &= NOUN

yes, I know that there exists ^hasanyproperty() and ^hasallproperty() but those will not give you information from the parsed sentence only the dict.


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not looking deeply at this question at present, just noting that ALL constants taken from CS must be prefixed with #  so that’s #NOUN which compiler converts to the numeric value found in dictionarysystem.h


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the following works in interactive mode

:do if( ^propertiesdog ) & #NOUN ) {is true} else { is false}
# is true

:do if( ^propertiesdog ) & #COMMA ) {is true} else { is false}
# is false 

Thanks Bruce!


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