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how to add hyperlinks in chatbot reply

i am using rivescript to make a rule based system. There is a requirement that chatbot replies with certain hyperlinks on certain questions. Could you please guide how to do that. I tried adding some hyperlinks in brain.rive but it does not take.hyperlinks does not take you to any site but they just reply with text

chatbot-are you happy.(Y OR N)  here Y and N are needed in hyperlinks. If user clicks Y then answer is displayed else another answer




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You might a better, even quicker response if you would post your question/situation in the RiveScript section.

Best of luck!


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Hyperlink support will depend on what environment your bot is running in and what markup language is available.

For example:

This bot is using RiveScript.js and is embedded on a web page, so it can send HTML link tags in its responses. But if this bot were running as a command-line program that only supports plain text, I would’ve seen the full HTML tags spelled out and the link wouldn’t work as well.

If the bot is using a service that supports Markdown syntax (i.e. Reddit) you could write a link in Markdown format like `[link text](http://url)` in your RiveScript replies and have the server format it as a link for the user.


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Thanks for the reply however i am trying to create a conversational survey chatbot

For example something like this

You start the conversation by saying hi hello or…. and bot starts with a survey.If someone agrees with yes then the hyperlink will point to the question with id=yes and will start the question/answer. But the problem is it showing syntax error in rivescript online .
if it resolves will continue more..with questions/answers

since hyperlinks not coming i am attaching the screenshot


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The hyperlinks not coming so i am attaching the screenshot


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+ (hello|hi|hey|howdy|hola|hai|yo) [*]
- Do you have sometime for a quick survery.\n
^ yes sure.\n
^ no sorry

+ < a id=‘yes’></a>
- nice


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simply put together how to put hyperlinks in triggers


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