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RiveScript Performance (JAVA)

Hi guys…
When the app starts, response time of the rivescript is awesome!.
But after a few questions (50 or more) the response time gets worst.
Obviusly a “+ hello” trigger is always is fast.
But a triger that is mixed with arrays like
! array arraysmart = huawei samsung sun p30 p20 mate s10 note note9 y6 s10+ s10e a9 y9 j4 j4+ j2 y5 y7 a10 a80 5.1

+ [*] (@requestprices) [*] (@arraysmart) [*]

gets slower and slower as the bots work (20 or more seconds) ..

Is there some “best practices” on java implementations?
Have someone faced the same issue?.
O what am i doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.


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