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Field-Programmable Neural Array (FPNA)

My name is Vitaliy Monastyrskiy.
I am an inventor, hardware and software engeneer from Ukraine.
I know how to make a programmable neural chip. This will be a field-programmable neural array, onto which it will be possible to program a neural network of any type, with a synchronous or asynchronous way of working. The technology allows you to scale the size of neural networks by increasing the number of chips on the motherboard.

The use of such chips is very large. They can be installed on drones or cars, making portable autopilots. Cards with such chips can be installed in a personal computer so that computer games count on them the behavior of computer opponents (NPCs). Using these chips, it will be possible to create thinking virtual assistants for a smart home, or create a virtual teacher for self-education. Imagine a computer game that you play for only half an hour a day, but for half a year you automatically learn a new language or a new profession ... In the end, such chips will be the first brains in the world for human-like robots.

Now, my project is in the process of developing a prototype. To complete this task I need $ 5000 and 6-8 months of work. And I am looking for funding for my project. Unfortunately crowdfunding is not suitable, because in our country banks do not accept money from crowdfunding platforms. Therefore, I can only collect investments through cryptocurrencies or ... I need a financial partner who will go into my project to finance it, for a share in the business.
I will be glad if the participants in this forum help me with this. Even better if you collectively fund this project. Then we will make a new future together. On its basis, much can be done in the field of AI development.
So I am open to suggestions and hope for your understanding.
Thank you in advance.


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