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Guinness Book of Records

This is pretty surreal but I’m thrilled to announce that my record breaking five wins of the Loebner Prize has now been officially recognised by The Guinness Book of Records!

It’s taken about 4 months to gather and verify all the evidence associated with my win but I finally found out on Wednesday that they had approved and included my world record.

There’s an official certificate and a copy of the book currently on its way to me.

I would like to thank Professor Paul Mc Kevitt, Dr Bertie Müller, Dr Ed Keedwell, Andrew Martin and Daniel Burke for taking the time to help me gather evidence and provide witness statements.

It’s been a dream of mine since being a child to appear in The Guinness Book of Records and I only had to wait 40 years for that dream to come true! I had to apply for this record, as World’s Best Bloke was already taken!


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