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The Elves have returned. Now you can chat with them.

Have you heard about the tiny elves that were recently discovered on a remote secret island?

Well, the Elves have been hard at work creating an elfchat technology that allows you to chat in real-time with them.  They have been hidden on this island for the last 700 or so years, living outside of the human world. Their hidden island is called ‘Elvenwood’, and it is home to not only Elves, but magical animals and plants too.

At first, Elves may seem similar to humans - but if you look deeper, the differences are vast and fascinating.  Elves can talk endlessly and they happen to know a lot about humans, mostly from checking out the internet, watching youtube videos and actually reading. Elves can’t get enough of the humans! Meet up with your Elf today and enrich your life with Elven culture.

Free Download links:
Apple iOS:

Chatscript based, running in the cloud under linux

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