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AI and deep learning to tackle traffic congestion

Traffic congestion is a worldwide problem that is increasing year-on-year with the addition of new vehicles. The number of vehicles around the world is expected to double soon. According to the WeForum Report, in 2015, there were an estimated 1.3 billion motor vehicles on the world’s roads. With growing affluence in developing economies, that number is expected to soar to over 2 billion by 2040.

AI and deep learning can improve traffic conditions?

Traffic congestion mostly occurs due to the negligence of certain factors like distance maintained between two moving vehicles, traffic lights, and road signs. AI can use live camera feeds, sensors, and even Google Maps to develop traffic management solutions that feature predictive algorithms to speed-up traffic flow.

Future of AI in traffic management

Every year a large number of new vehicles appear on streets worldwide, contributing to traffic congestion. AI and deep learning technologies can play a vital role in managing traffic by collating and analyzing data from a variety of sources. Insights from them can accelerate traffic movements.

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