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Getting into the workings of facts

Bot: Name a favorite TV show.
Me: The Blacklist
(Bot can’t find that show)
Bot: I’ve never seen The Blacklist, who’s in it?
Me: James Spader
(Bot looks for facts about James Spader)
Bot: OMG! I loved James Spader in Stargate!

So now we’ve added to our knowledge of films and TV.
BUT… sometimes things go awry.
This is from Users\topic_username_botname.txt:

( The_Blacklist star James_Spader )

( `The Blacklist` star James_Spader )

I’ve used ^pos( capitalize x ) for consistency, but when I ^createfact I’m unclear
as to why CS is sometimes using the underscore, and at other times quotes.
I think it needs it to be consistent to work properly.

Or is there something I’m missing?


  [ # 1 ]

I have not seen this issue

maybe you set or unset the flag: DO_SPLIT_UNDERSCORES ?


  [ # 2 ]

There’s no reference to that flag anywhere in my scripts.

I think I’ll clear out my user facts and try again - maybe I broke something earlier.

Thanks Mike!


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