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Michelangelo AI

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to share with the community about our project, in conjuction with “Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore” in Florence, Italy, the “Michelangelo AI” project.
History expert with a great insights on the florentine History, collaborated with Querlo to recreate a virtual Michelangelo you can chat with.

You can find the project at this address:

The NLU is continually developed and improved by the conversations received.
Please let me know what you think about it!


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Hi @Lorenzo great work.

I did try it out and it was great. Just that i think you should try to detect questions that are not meaningful and reply accordingly. If you look at the log, you will notice that even if i ask a meaning less question like just with a single letter it gives a definite answer.

Am also currently working on this chatbot for covid


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