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Chatscript in An Ubuntu Mysql Server

I have made a virtual machine in Vmware Workstation of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
I have Mysql and apache2 installed
I have prepared a chatbot in chatscript and it works fine in my localhost in windows(its for a university project) but I want it to be able to visited by people in other networks in my Ubuntu virtual machine.

I got to the point where the localhost in ubuntu is my chatbot(tha files are in /var/www/html/) and I can access it from windows with the local ip address
but I dont know what to do next to allow someone to access the sample page with the chatbot from a device outside my local network.


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This is possible, there are a lot of google articles about how to host a server.

But if you are within a network that you do not manage, it might not be easy/possible.

Because of this, I recommend hosting this on something like AWS. Or azure.
You can signup and get an account with free credits.
Then you launch a free microserver and host it there, and then open it up for the world to see.

Hope this helps,



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