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Compiling errors under a Raspberry Pi 4 RPI

The problem and how to fix it. 

For the last few days, I have been driven crazy with a compile issue within a Raspberry Pi 4, which is a Linux device.  Essentially, when I initiate a build (example :build 0 nospell ),  I get errors that do not make sense.

Here are two of them:

    CONCEPT-? Keyword ” ” ends in illegal space ended line 181 col 53602 of
    CONCEPT-5 Must attach ! to keyword in ~dbase_movie011 ended line 186 col 44346 of

I checked and this issue really does not exist. And line 181 does not go out to column 53602. It goes out to 51321, just short of this.

How did I fix this?  I split the concept file into two smaller files. Once I did this, the error went away.  There was probably some kind of memory-related issue that happened during the build.
And the limited RPI memory does not help the situation.

Just an FYI,



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