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What matters to you
What matters to you if/when a Turing Test passable machine is built?
I don’t care if it passes or doesn’t, it is the THEORY behind how it works that matters. 0
I worry about if people will call my bot "intelligent" 0
I don’t care what people *CALL* it, or even WHAT it is, it is the ABILITIES I care about (passing a turing test for exam 4
it must do things like a human, including learning math (even at expense of doing it slow and ineffiecent) like humans 1
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should be interesting

forgot to add an option . . ...

“Even if it passes a turing test, if it is based on grammar, it won’t be considered intelligent… must use concepts’


  [ # 1 ]

e) I want it to be my best friend :)


  [ # 2 ]

Nice answer !


  [ # 3 ]

Though E would also be ok


  [ # 4 ]

F.) Could it be used as my vAgent (used as a personal surrogate).


  [ # 5 ]

Carl, sure, I like that idea.


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