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Hello, I’m new here and I need some guidance =3
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I am using Java and AIML.


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There is something else though, does statistical methods prove to be useful in word sense disambiguation?


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Kevin Loh - Mar 30, 2011:

does statistical methods prove to be useful in word sense disambiguation


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Thank you mr hans. What do you people normally do to represent sentence structure. (Syntactical indifference)?
Recursive distributed representations was a research done quite long ago, and i was looking for newer and more reliable methods. Any pointers?



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Hi Kevin,

“Syntactical indifference”... Thanks for mentioning it,
and leading me to this awesome resource online!

Looks like an interesting read:

In my opinion, the newer methods, have yet to match the
“appearing human” characteristics of the older methods.
( Not to criticize the good research being done on newer methods. )

So, it may be a question of studying why the older methods
simulate humans so well, in order to extrapolate a newer method.


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Also, take a look at Pollack’s Recursive Distributive Representation and see if it rings and bells. =)

Having lots of trouble in the NLP field.


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