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Translation Project: AIML to ChatScript
  [ # 31 ]

It seemed to me to be more coherent this way:
I wanted to make it clear that an ethical judgement or a sympathy-level
is causend bei the pattern, not by the output.

I am working with about 10 “[]“s on the output-side
and I didn’t know where to place it right to be sure that the annotation
(for example “§(heart)sympathy-level:-10 §(ethical-center)ethical-level:-10”)
should count for every “[]”.

Where would you place it in an dictator-example like this:

u: (I like ~dictator) ^noerase()
[Do you feel so weak that you need such a BIG DADDY?]
[I think that Churchill is right, that there are only, but democracy is the best of them.]

Between “~dictator)” and “^noerase()”?



  [ # 32 ]

the ethical judgement is caused by matching the pattern.
Placing the call as the first thing you do makes it universal in the output.  ANYTHING outside of [][] is always done. So..

u: () OK [ hi][ho]  I know [how][why]
can generate:
OK hi I know how
OK hi I know why
OK ho ...
In your example, you get to decide on a style. Does Chatscript system stuff show first (like noerase) or does your emotion show first.  I myself would always put noerase stuff FIRST (more important to notice that it cannot be erased), and then your call, and then your output words.


  [ # 33 ]

And if I don’t want to show the emotion so fast,
but to export it to a module outside of ChatScript like ALMA first:”>”>
as one of the modules of my bots “heart”?

would you do it like this, too:

u: (I like ~dictator) ^noerase() §(heart)sympathy-level:-10
[Do you feel so weak that you need such a BIG DADDY
[I think that Churchill is right
that there are onlybut democracy is the best of them.]

  [ # 34 ]

first question is how do you export anything to alma module.  You can call the system command to go outside of chatscript.
Or if your stuff sees the output text, you could write output that looked like this “[anger:-1] I am angry” and your outside can see [] in the output and strip and process that. I do that to control avatar gestures outside of chatscript.


  [ # 35 ]

The export to ALMA goes via XML,
like many other modules,
for which a “docking” could be interesting.
Perhaps this discussion can be the base of
a little ChatScript-XML/AIML-conversion-tool one day.

Your consideration of the system-command
and your example is very interesting.
It would be wonderful to find
one or two examples in the user manual, too: )


  [ # 36 ]

Hi Bruce,

what do you think of having a
in ChatScript?




  [ # 37 ]

I don’t yet understand the value of it. Can you give me an example where you feel you would want it?

Many responders can be authored to do computations of various kinds, and unless you tell them to output words to the user, they are silent.


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