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Blank AIML Chat bot for Windows?

Hello, i’m looking for a blank chat bot with basic AIML database.

And if you can’t help me with that you can redirect me to a good chat bot that i can build in

windows without be attached to any site.



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I would advise searching the internet for Program O. You can use AIML in that.


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Hi, Heaven Eve, and welcome to! Shall we call you Heaven? Or Eve? Or have you another name (such as your first name) that you want to have us call you? smile

The only problem with using Program O to build a chatbot in Windows, is that, being written in PHP, it almost requires the use of a web server of some sort, not to mention having a database server, as well; unless you want to run your chatbot from the command line, which would further require some substantial editing of the chatbot script. I’m not saying it can’t be done (I run it on my computer, but I have a running web server and a MySQL database server, as well), it’s just a lot of work to get it to run on a single computer.

There are a couple of C++ based AIML interpreters available that can be compiled (or already have been) into a GUI application for use in a Windows environment, if I’m not mistaken, including Gary Dubuque’s Program N, CyN, and RebeccaAIML. Take a look at to get an idea of some possible solutions. That page is a bit out of date, but it still provides some useful information. smile


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Are you a programmer?

If you know C#, then program# might be for you.


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I used to have some fun with WinAlice…



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