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Writing own, talking chatbot in python

Hello, ive created an article, how to write own, talking bot using AIML and python|php.
Can be found in articles section on my devblog. Dont get scared of some polish words there, i havent separed multilanguage articles yet.


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Hi Jakub,
The article is very interesting, especially that it uses python and AIML combined with ESPEAk voice generator!

Here is a more direct link to the English version of the article for every non-Polish users:

Writing own, talking chatbot using AIML, ESPEAK and Python[/url]

Btw, do you plan to write more articles on conversational AI?
Cheers, Karolina smile

Unfortunately, it is impossible to link properly directly to your article ([EN] Writing own, talking chatbot)  <—because it contains many spaces and square brackets “[” “]”...


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Let’s try this, shall we?[EN] Writing own, talking chatbot

Drat! Even trying to make it “URL safe” fails. I suggest doing the whole “Copy/Paste” bit on it, to get to the correct page.

I further suggest that non-standard characters be left out of web page names, to prevent this in the future. smile

I’ll also post a bug report, to bring it to Arthur’s attention.


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Hi Dave smile
Unfortunately, the abbreviation “EN” is between squared brackets, and tag is within same brackets, therefore the link unexpectedly ends…


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I know. I used the URL encoded entities % 5B and % 5D, to try to get around this. No luck. Thus the bug report about to be filed. smile


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Oh, i will have to change that user friendly urls a bit. Im planing to write about “writing” common chatbot, using NLTK, which gives muuuuch greater developing area smile


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NLTK is a fantastic framework for computational linguistics and language processing. For every text mining enthusiast willing to use Python I would recommend the book Natural Language Processing with Python - Analyzing Text with the Natural Language Toolkit

I look forward to read your article, Jakub smile


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Here is the URL: Writing own, talking chatbot

replace with a wink


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Thank you, Arthur. That helps. smile


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Im modyfing site script, now it will be possible to paste just a part of title after /article/*, it will be choosen by partial levenshtein distance.
New version will come soon, together with article about pyqt4 (creating own tool to begin with neural networks) and introduction to artifficial neural networks better, than any in the web. smile


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...introduction to artifficial neural networks better, than any in the web

Sounds exciting excaim I’m getting impatient cool smile


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...introduction to artifficial neural networks better, than any in the web

Oh no, not another one… I doubt it is better than Chaktar!


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Thanks for link Steve, I have read the whole thread about Chaktar smile

Btw, why Chaktar uses only an extinct language of the Northwestern Caucasian group? Wikipedia says that Ubykh was never written by its speech community. Why not keeping it simply… in English?


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Karolina Kuligowska - Aug 4, 2011:

Why not keeping it simply… in English?

After researching Chaktar intensively, it became obvious that English just cannot accurately represent the subtleties in Chaktar’s insights.



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English just cannot accurately represent the subtleties in Chaktar’s insights.

Shi, I must agree with you.
Moreover, other advanced subtleties of Chaktar’s mind I would suggest to represent in the Khoisan.
tongue wink cool smile


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Due to personal problems article about writing chatbot using NLTK features have to be moved in time.
Just had to announce that, project is not dead smile


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