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Sarah, an ‘emotive’ chat bot

Introducing Sarah, the concierge for the MyCyberTwin website.

Sarah has had a Pinocchio-style makeover and is now a real girl! She can chat about life in general, MyCyberTwin products, and - if you’re nice to her - she might even do a dance!

Try her out at

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  [ # 1 ]

  The site is not working for me.


  [ # 2 ]

Sorry to hear that Carl, could you describe the problem you were experiencing? What browser are you using?



  [ # 3 ]

Not working here either.  Site freezes up, video barley loads, cannot type text in the chat box.  On Chrome.


  [ # 4 ]

She seems pleasant but she just stands there trying to look pretty.
The text box at the bottom works but the majority of the answers were not even close to the questions asked nor was the time remotely close. (minutes) They would depend on where the hosting server is located but none-the-less, the minutes should always be the same.

Sorry but it was a good effort. Perhaps dealing with one’s own CyberTwin provides a closer more personal environment.


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