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LPP vs. Stanford AI class videos

I find it interesting that the Stanford AI class videos edit out the parts where the instructors are writing things. Instead of making you watch them practice their penmanship (as the Loebner protocol requires you to watch the interlocutor practice their typing), the videos quickly fade out and fade back in after the tedious writing task has been completed; and you are left free to concentrate on the content of the message as opposed to being distracted by the details of the calligraphy. The clear implication is: how they write something out is irrelevant. Their intelligence lies in what they’re writing, not in the writing itself…


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Meh, I think it was meant as an easy way for computers to seem smart. The computer can comment on the speed/ability of your typing. And it can be programmed to mess up in ways that correspond to common typographical errors due to typing. Sort of seems like cheating to me.


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After having watched several of the Stanford videos, I’m quite grateful that they cut out all of the “meaningless” minutiae of writing things out. However, while it does shorten the video presentation significantly, it also creates a minor visual distraction that I noticed for myself to be a “focus breaker”. I (sort of) solved this problem by “dictating” the words, verbatim, into notes, which allowed my ears to handle the audio, and my eyes to free themselves up from the distraction. smile


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