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ISO chatbot for an odd purpose

Ten or so years ago I had a DOS chatbot, I believe it was an old version of UltraHAL. I used it in a strange way: rather than conversing with it I’d paste huge blocks of text…Tom Waits lyrics, entire Lovecraft stories, etc…so that eventually when prompted the bot would issue long flowery paragraphs of nonsense that I’d use for writing prompts.

Other (Windows) bots I’ve tried since can’t handle these giant blocks of text the way the DOS bot would. They tend to freeze up. Is there a bot out there that will perform this function either through the same method of pasting big blocks of text or some backdoor way of accomplishing the same thing? A place to get the old DOS version I remember would work too. Thanks.


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If you use ubuntu, you might like Wanda the fish. She was basically a quote generator (mixed in with a few jokes, silly comments, etc.). Quite a fun little distraction. Do you know how to program? I feel like something like this would be simple to write yourself.


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