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ProgramD goes semantics

Hi Rich, hi all,

look what I have found:

Tina Klüwer (now “German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence”)
combinded ProgramD with a middleware called “heart of gold”
to form semantical RMRS-bot,
which can be found here:




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The middleware is here:

It looks like they’re building off a bunch of open source software from Delph-In. For what it’s worth the latest versions of PET don’t work with the latest versions of the English Resource Grammar. I suspect this enterprise might be a whole lot more trouble than its worth unless they’ve managed to add considerable value behind the scenes.


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Thanks for the links, Gentlemen. I’ve had a look at the AIML, and from what I saw, there may be some minor inconsistencies that may or may not cause some problems. I’ll have to study the code before I can be sure, though.


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Hi Andrew, hi Dave,

I talked to Dr. Ulrich Schäfer (DFKI / HOG) a few days before
and he told me, that it should be possible to have a “slim” version of it in every language,
which is able to avoid technical and licensing problems.

It´s wonderful that Dave is researching the code of the researchers:)
But I´m no programmer:)
All the best



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