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2012 CBC - $1750 in Prize Money and Award Medals
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Congratulations to everyone, and thanks to everyone that makes the contest possible


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Indeed. Well done Patti. Bildgesmythe is certainly the bot to beat in this contest.

A big thank you to Wendell and all the judges for a great contest. See you all next year.


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My secret goal was to try to give the top chatter robot masters something in
common to chat about at the Chatbots 3.2 Conference, on account of it being
Alan Turing’s 100th birthday.  So I am pleased Vira made it into the top four
chatter robots in the world, with the following Artificial Intelligence Integration:

© ALICE A.I. Foundation, Inc.
Dr. Richard S. Wallace

Noah Petheridge

Steve Worswick

Program O
Elizabeth Perreau
Dave Morton

I would like to thank Wendell Cowart and everyone at The Chatterbox Challenge
for helping me reach this goal. And I feel very lucky, that so many people helped
me with A.I. integration and testing even after the contest had already started.

It was a lot of fun… Thank you all very much.


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Well done on 4th place and good luck in the Loebner Prize.


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