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Introduction and potential research opportunity

My name is John Flynn. I have extensive experience in managing advanced research projects and am currently pursuing a near-term funded opportunity to integrate AIML chatbot technology with emerging research from the Semantic Web community. This effort will provide a semantic layer of processing to support “machine understanding” of the domain of discourse, which for this project will be limited to a specific training environment. If you have an interest in this area of research please provide me with a resume or simply a response with your background and availability. Thanks, John.


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Hi John,

Here is my integration of open source AIML and other NLP resource layers, implemented at  Though, let me suggest/recommend a commercial grade AIML product called Superbot by Dr. Richard Wallace.  An association with, Dr. Wallace, the foremost expert in AIML, may possibly promote funding… So it is something worth considering.


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We’ve used our Discourse extended AIML engine to front-end triples based semantic data. This lets the AIML “husband” the conversation and an RDF type triples module deal with the using a semantic triples base to get the answers. We’re also working on a next generation system which will be completely triples based. Our software has won a prize at the 2011 Federal Consortium on Virtual Worlds ( I should be back at FCVW 2012) for the use of AI in training, and we’ve also recently finished a research project on chatbots for the MOD in the UK. More info at or



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To 8PLA*NET: Yes, Thanks.  Dr. Wallace is the principal investigator for this effort.
To David Burden: Your work interfacing AIML and triples-based semantic data sounds very interesting. Can you share any additional details about your progress?  Thanks, John (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address))


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I am interested in it . Currently I m working as a Sr Web Developer and had recently participated in chatterboxchallenge. My bot cronus got 11th position .


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Muhammad Baig - Mar 22, 2012:

Currently I m working as a Sr Web Developer and had recently participated in chatterboxchallenge. My bot cronus got 11th position

Don’t forget to add your chatbot to our listing:


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Muhammad, we now have a full compliment for the research team.  Nice work on cronus. Thanks to all who replied to my original announcement. John


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