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New Challenge: QA1WATT!

Hi People,

This challenge is the brainchild of David Hamill and is the result of discussions in the Robitron group:

Read on and submit your entry!


  [ # 1 ]

I like the concept. It reminds me of jeopardy. I think It would also make automated testing a little easier. I actually already have this in my system: testcases, which is just an xml script with inputs and possible outputs (as regex).

If your response is rejected (because it isn’t in the word list), your chatbot URL will be invoked like this: your URL?x=<url encoded question>

This I don’t really understand, isn’t the reject url the same as the question url?

What exactly is the reject URL for?


  [ # 2 ]

Hi Jan,

The reject URL is for diagnostic purposes only. I made a mistake on the website, it should actually read your URL?x=<your chatbot’s illegal response>. I’ve corrected this on the website - thanks for pointing this out.


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