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Uncanny valley different seen from developer and critical user? +Intro
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Another of disney’s work into realistic human robots—and-it-was-developed-by-disney


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That is very impressive.


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Yes thanks to all who shared their views on this subject. I trust all this is highly individual
and context dependent. Whats get accepted for one purpose may not work for another.

I had another encounter with a voice recognition bot at our IRS here in my country.
Very friendly woman voice that ask what kind of help I wish her to provide.

I trust that most people cope with it but I am too ASD for to stomach all the missunderstanding.
So I asked her to give me a live person instead and she did that thankfully but in future maybe
they can not afford to have live persons such is very costly.


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Adrian Shipp thanks for all these examples. I could accept Leo best
due to it is furthest away from being human. Still very scary but not as scary
as this Zombie version of a live human
Geminoid Robot looks just like its human master.

He sure does but he looks like if something very bad has happen to his Master
that he is the copy of. The whole expression tell me that something has happen to his brain.
He has had a stroke and are desoriented and not really there while Leo seems realistically almost there.

Leo still is very unpredictable because it is an animal one have no idea how dangerous it is. or can be.

But maybe most persons would just accept it as a pet that they will get used to and love.


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