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Funniest Computer Ever
  [ # 31 ]

Made it into the competition! Looking forward to it!



  [ # 32 ]

I think I have prefected the poetry part of my entry. Although “perfected” may be a bit of a strong word judging by some of the poems. If anyone would care to test it before the judges arrive, it would be appreciated:

Just say, “tell me a poem about” shoes/school/a brick or whatever and it will create a poem on the fly for you. If you ask it for the same subject again, it should create a new poem. Bear in mind that the likes of Wordsworth and Shakespeare need not be too worried at this point in time! grin

Good luck to all who entered.


  [ # 33 ]

Steve thats great! Hey I smiled !
Heres a link to the RICH module that made it [barely] into the contest.
(sorry If I posted this elsewhere and this is a repost)
I have to say this is the most fun Ive had with the AI project so far.
Best of luck to you as well!



  [ # 34 ]

Thanks Vincent. I agree it has been a fun project to work on and makes a change from the usual “Can you eat a house?” type Loebner questions we usually handle. I am looking forward to reading some of the transcripts from the contest.


  [ # 35 ]

Unofficially speaking…

Funniest Computer Ever contest
may need just three more chatbots,
to help FCE get funded for next
year, I thought Sam mentioned.

Can anyone help out for next year,
by entering the FCE contest today?
Deadline is today, so don’t think
about it too long.

The odds of winning may be excellent!
Often, bots are unexpectedly funny!
Or, it may be a good chance to finetune
your chatbot’s humor chip.

The chatbots that breakdown during the
contest, or otherwise struggle during the
contest, or come in last place, are always
my favorite chatbots, because that happens
in every robot contest.  Even in big robot
contests for a million bucks!

It’s not like building a robot is easy.
Everyone knows that. So, don’t be shy…
Show us what you got!

Good Luck!


  [ # 36 ]

Ok, I’ve gone ahead and entered Morti, AS-IS, warts and all. I don’t expect much, but if his entry helps for next year’s competition, I’m in. smile


  [ # 37 ]

That’s great Dave! I seem to remember reading somewhere (probably even on this thread) that if the organiser gets 10 entries, he will secure extra funding for next year.


  [ # 38 ]

That’s more or less the reason I entered Morti, even though he’s not particularly suited for humor at this point. It would be a horrible shame to miss out on funding for next year due to a lack of entries. downer

Besides, your chances of winning just went up. raspberry


  [ # 39 ]

Sadly, I see that Morti is “under the weather”. I’ll have to see what’s wrong, to make sure he’s up to chatting, let alone telling jokes. downer

[edit] HOLY COW!!! Morti’s error log is 2 GIGABYTES in size!!! ohhgulp

Yup! Something is certainly wrong!



  [ # 40 ]

Don’t feel embarressed about glitches or crashes, Dave…
I think Morti will be just fine.  But, when things go wrong,
that’s the fun of chatbot contests, if you ask me!

Hehehe!  Here is what I am fixing now, last minute before
the deadline to generate a unique poem, and it is totally
untested, so lots can go wrong ...

Tell me a poem about chatbots.

AUDIENCE: Tell me a poem about chatbots.
PUNCHLINE: Unquestionably ... “chatbots” Hehehe! However! Funniest Computer Ever !!!
Take your best shot at the Begbot joke above.
I have no “chatbots” jokes.

Robotic “Chatbots” Poem

Cooperates take of, “chatbots” about that.
Simulates take during the complex analytical yap
feedback obtain of you in a rhyming “chatbots”
chat. Mimicks mistake pseudo emotions hack’s
complex analytical yap mechanical adore apparatuse
rack. Reaches take versus the computerized map
constraint pain of you in a rhyming “chatbots”
chat human like autonomous wrap darlings lips
automation stack. Mimicks mistake along a mood
explain of us “chatbots” where we sat human like
autonomous wrap virtual love chat back.
Categorizes take aboard a sense plain expressing
relationships between, “chatbots” and that. 
JOKE TOLD: May you have heard a joke about peanut butter?

Please, I need help everyone…
Let me know if you spot any glitches… Thanks!



  [ # 41 ]

The biggest problem was that, because of the size of the error log, it was preventing any output from Morti, whatsoever. I deleted the error log, and everything works now. Come to find out that my hosting provider upgraded their install of PHP, and that made some of the built-in functions report a “deprecated” status in the logs. I fixed that, and it’s smooth sailing. Well, sort of. Morti STILL can’t tell a joke to save his life. smile


  [ # 42 ]

Ok, I’m more or less satisfied with Morti’s responses, and it’s not yes midnight here, so I don’t feel bad about the extra work. If you folks get the chance, give him a try at - I’m sure he can use the practice. smile


  [ # 43 ]

Noone really knows what to expect, Dave.
Begbot is all an all original chatbot. Still, it may be
interesting to workout some sample joke AIML…

< category >
< pattern >TELL ME A JOKE ABOUT *</ pattern >
< template >
I ain’t got no </ star > jokes.
</ template >
</ category >

< category >
< pattern >TELL ME A POEM ABOUT *</ pattern >
< template >
I ain’t got no </ star > poems.
</ template >
</ category >

That’s what’s great about chatbot contests.
You get to find things that you may not have
otherwise noticed you needed.


  [ # 44 ]

Just tested Morti…
Morti is pretty funny, Dave!


  [ # 45 ]

I still have some “switchboard” categories to put in, so that related, but not identical inputs go to the correct categories, but I’m more or less pleased with his responses. He may not win, but he’s going to have fun trying. cheese


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