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How to output the ~placenumber value of a number?


If I have a number (say 3) how would I get chatscript to print out its’ ~placenumber?
My chatbot askes the user for a number and then needs to loop from 1 until the user specified number, printing out the ~placenumber of each iteration.
So if the user says 3, I would like the chatbot to print out “First, Second, Third”.

Any idea how to do that?

Thank you,


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Depends on how far you expect to go. Sounds like really small. So just build a table:
table: place(^number ^name)
createfact(^number place ^name)
1 first
2 second
3 third
4 fourth

then query(direct_sv $$numval place ? )  @0object


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OK, great. Thanks


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