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Rejoinder doesn’t work

I’m making my first simple chatbot now for fun. Everything works great. The manual says that you can use rejoinders so that your chatbot can answer anticipated responses to a statement. I’ve been coding rejoinders like this.

s:(my name is _*)^noerase() Hello, _0. What do you want to talk about?
        a:(~school)^noerase() I always had problems in history class.

Theoretically,  when the first line is triggered, the program will read then next line nested inside the first to see if it matches up with the input, but for some reason none of my rejoinders work. I don’t know if the program itself is corrupted or if I’m just misunderstanding the format that the rejoinders are supposed to be in. Please help


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So… first question is what is ~school. The system doesn’t ship with that defined.
Try just a: (school)  and then type school at the question

second—noerase() on rejoinder has no effect. rejoinders are part of the thing above them, so they wont erase on their own anyway. You have a noerase on the above so that’s fine.  Of course, for testing you might want to add to the s: ^repeat() . Otherwise within 20 volleys you can’t expect this to react a second time.


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I think I figured out the problem now, thanks.


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