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NEWS: survey on 3000 US and UK consumers shows it is time for chatbot integration in customer service!read more..

Get Well Soon Dave
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Steve Worswick - Aug 7, 2012:
Dave Morton - Aug 4, 2012:

Actually, the hard part isn’t the lack of internet, it’s having internet, but no way to type!

Time for someone to pop to the store and get a microphone for speech input! tongue rolleye

Except, the legs are also busted, right? So I guess this should read: ‘Time for someone to send someone else to the store’  wink


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Mom went ahead and picked up Dragon Naturally Speaking 11.5, and I’ve got it installed on the laptop,but since I’m on the desktop (catching up with many HUNDRED emails), it’s not doing me much good yet. raspberry


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Well, on the bright side, what a fortuitous opportunity to put some of this assistive technology to the test!


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Dave - Erwin has temporarily made me a moderator of the boards but let me know when you are feeling back up to the task and I will gracefully step down again.


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Marcus Endicott - Aug 10, 2012:

Well, on the bright side, what a fortuitous opportunity to put some of this assistive technology to the test!

Probably not, at this point, Marcus. Installing/configuring said technology is just a bit beyond my abilities right now, and there’s nobody that I feel I can trust to do the job for me. downer Baybe soon, though. smile

@Steve: Thanks for stepping in like that, especially with your having so much on your plate, already. I’m not going to rush things, but I’ll work on getting back to form as soon as I can. smile


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Dave, that could be a significant finding right there!  Obviously, this stuff is not yet easy enough for real people to use (as opposed to geeks).  In fact I’ve maintained that all along.  Just take Program-O for instance or even Chatscript, they are just not up to the job for real people, in real life.

When people talk about AGI (artificial general intelligence), they often mention self-programming machines; well, what about self installing/configuring chatbots in the form of assistive agents?  Take something like Guile3d Denise for instance; in your situation, you should be able to just flip the switch, and get her to do things for you (like type, etc)....


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