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[ u ] tags do not underline, but italicize, instead.

While creating a post in one of the threads, I wanted to emphasize some text by underlining it, so I used the [ u ] tags, as I should have. Except in the post, the text was not underlined, but italicized, instead. Please see some example text, below:


Each word above is enclosed with the proper BBCode tag to create the desired formatting. As you can see, underline is being italicized, and strikethrough is completely missing. I’m sure the latter is intentionally being excluded from implementation, but I’m guessing the incorrect formatting is just a glitch in the script.


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That seems to be a glitch indeed. Tx for reporting, we’ll fix it asap!


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Thanks, Erwin. smile


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This should now be fixed. This bug has been around for a while, as I found this thread on the ExpressionEngine forum:

Apparently this was done on purpose because XHTML does not support the <u> tag so they made the <u> button in the forum create an <em> tag instead. This by default makes something italic, but I’ve changed the CSS so that <em> is now underlined on this forum.

See: underlined text


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Thanks, Arthur! I appreciate your efforts on our behalf. smile

Now for a test:


Very strange. It doesn’t seem to be any different here. I just looked through both the post you linked to, and the CSS for the page here, and while I do see a declaration for the <em> tag, I don’t see where it’s been altered to reflect the changes recommended in the post at the EE forums. I’ll try flushing my cache, and see if that helps.


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Yes, please do CTRL+F5 to refresh the CSS. That should do the trick.


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YAY!!! Thanks, Arthur! I’m a happy boy now. smile


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