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Need help with apache configuration

We are moving this, and a few more to a VPS server in the US and need some help with the apache configuration.

The sites all run in ExpressionEngine. Our goal is to have one of the domains ( on a separate IP address for SEO purposes, but it should use the same ExpressionEngine installation as the other websites on the other IP. It that way we can control content across various sites and IP’s.

Why different IP’s Isn’t that unneccesary difficult? Search Engine optimisation is extremely important to us. It has appeared that Google is looking for relations between normal sites and site with a ’ bad link neighborhood’  like gambling or adult sites. You might have noticed that we list some ero. chatbots and Google (and Alexa) don’t like that. That’s why we’ll create a separate site, on a separate IP for adult chatbots. As our new IP address will only serve a few websites, Google might easily think that those sites are related. This is different on shared hosting accounts with 1600 websites on one IP. Registered members still will have access to this category (like it’s now). We truely believe that we should share knowledge from this industry with the regular industries. That’s one of the mechanisms to advance the Chatbot industry across the globe.

The sites with the ExpressionEngine installation will be in account one, as configured in WHM (WebHost Manager). The document root of this is /home/account_one/public_html and it will serve several domains. The document root of is /home/account_two/public_html, but this will not have any files as it should point to the other one.

We want to change the documentroot of account two to be a directory in /home/account_one/public_html so that it shows one of the ExpressionEngine sites without the need of installing EE inside account_two.

We have tried to change this in /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf in the VirtualHost like this:

  DocumentRoot /home/account_one/public_html/directory

... but the result was that gave an Internal Server Error. The error_log showed: “SoftException in Application.cpp:422: Mismatch between target UID (504) and UID (505) of file”. We think this is a permissions issue; the owner of each documentroot is different. On another forum someone advised to disable SuEXEC, but this has not helped.

The httpd.conf file has comments that one shouldn’t make changes and use the include files instead. This can be done in the Include Editor in WHM. Building a new apache profile overwrites the configuration files, so that’s why they want you to not manually make changes and use the includes instead.

So we need someone with better knowledge of configuring an apache server to help us fix the VirtualHost DocumentRoot using the include files. Or maybe there’s a better way to reach our goal with the two sites on different IP addresses.

Please get in touch if you have the experience and time to help us out with this problem. Thank you.  smile


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