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Is it possible to make chatbot in 7 months
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Absolutely no problem. All message boards seem to attract trolls at some point (people who post purely to cause trouble). It is certainly not your fault in any way, shape or form.


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Steve, it was far more than one post. I estimate roughly 240,000+ characters (give or take) in 5 posts, almost all of which was improper to this forum. And yes, I banned the account. It was, by far, the most well deserved banning I’ve ever done, here or anywhere.

Muhammad, you have nothing to be sorry for. If anything, the blame is all mine. I had the opportunity to ban the individual after his(?) first 2 posts, but decided to give him a second chance; an action that I now regret. downer


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So, with all of that now safely behind us, let us continue the discussion. smile

Muhammad, how is your project coming along?


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Project is not getting the time it deserves. By deserve I mean its academic importance and difficulty level is high.

I have made myself busy in other things.

Spent approximately 50 working hours on it till now, quite shameful!
I need to give more time! I will share when I have some serious stuff, if I ever had grin
Hopefully in Jan, Feb!

For now, as mentioned already, to participate in a chatbot competition I made quickly made a clone from AIML files, and luckily won the competition.


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